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Hey there, it's Brian. Retirement Planning can be a complex and intimidating topic to navigate on your own. With so many options and factors to consider, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. As a Retirement Planning Specialist, I am here to help and understand the challenges of finding the right strategies to protect your family and assets.

I want to invite you to book your introductory meeting where you can better understand what it is that I do and determine if what I do fits with what you are looking for.

Meet Brian Zeek

Retirement Planning Specialist

Huntington Beach, CA

I help families looking for a low-risk wealth planning firm that specializes in a solution to rising taxes, market crashes, and secure retirement cash flow. I can help you 1) calculate how much you need to be saving in order to retire when you want and never run out of money and 2) find ways to generate more tax-free retirement income without having to save more money

In the financial world there are two facets, those that specialize in the speculative facet, and those who specialize in the fixed facet. Rarely do you find an advisor that specializes in both. These really are two very different worlds. Those that specialize in speculative investing pride themselves in selecting publicly traded companies to place money in with the hope the investment will render a higher return over time than more predictable fixed investments. This philosophy or approach works well until there is an unforeseen economic correction. There is risk in speculative investing that is fine as long as the person doing the investing has ample time to make up for market corrections.

Those that specialize in the fixed investment world of finance eliminate risk associated with speculative investing. The perceived disadvantage to those interested in implementing safe fixed investments over speculative investments is the fear of missing out on the upside potential of the stock market gains. This is a misconception.

I specialize in working with fixed equity index life products that emulate the upside potential of the stock market, without the downside risk. This sector of the financial industry has only been around for 25 years. There are very few financial professionals that understand how to use these products to benefit the client as well as I do.

Everyone who is serious about growing and protecting their money should have a portion of their money in a few equity index contracts. Using the right product, and the right company is important. Designing the product correctly to optimize the money is even more important.

I am an expert in analyzing people’s current financial position to make sure what you want to happen with your money does happen.

Book a call with me if you are interested in learning:

1) How you can best balance your speculative and fixed accounts so as to minimize taxation, and market risk.

2) How much you need to be saving in order to retire when you want and never run out of money

3) How you can save more without impacting your current lifestyle

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